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The Truth Behind Tapas

Tapa is a famous Spanish cuisine served as a snack or appetizer. Before these savory snacks became a staple dish in Spain let us discover the humble beginnings of this famous hors d'oeuvres. Tapa is taken from the word tapere which means "to cover". Although there are lots of theories that claims the origin of tapa, let us familiarize the famous ones.

It is believed that back in the old days people are standing while eating tapa, they eat tapa together with wine and they have to put their plates above their drinks to keep it away from fruit flies. Since they put their snack at the top of their glass it served as a "lid or cover" of their drinks.

While others believe that Tapas were originally discovered in the 16th century. When bar owners would serve cheap wine by "covering" the glass wine with cheese, they believe the cheese helps mask the smell and taste of the cheap wine.

Some would say that a king accidentally discovered tapas while he was sick. He claimed that while being ill, he only drank wine with snacks between his regular meals and claimed it was responsible for curing him from his illness.

Others would say that tapas were created to help lessen the effects of alcohol. A law was passed indicating that alcoholic drinks must be served with small portions of food with the hope that the food would fill the stomach and help reduce the amount of alcohol consumed.

Some theories would make you laugh and others would make you frown, it doesn't matter if tapa started as a necessary snack to act as lid, what matters is what tapa has become today - A sophisticated, delicious, most sought-after snack found in various parts of the world. Try Tapavino, the best Tapas restaurant in Edmonton.

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